What are people saying about your SEO company!
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If you are an SEO company that has been established recently and still working its way to the top, you need some kind of feedback system to know exactly what people are saying about your company so that you can improve on your firm’s issues if any. Here are some ways to know what people are saying about your company:

1. Social Media: If you are a steadily growing SEO company, you must have a significant presence on social media. If you do, you can see what people think about your services and gain valuable feedback about your operations.

2. Review Websites: There are many review websites that review existing SEO companies. You can check to see whether your company has been reviewed, and is yes, how favorable it is. Accept criticism and work on negative points.

3. Blogs and Forums: Most blogs and forums about setting up online businesses provide information about SEO companies that will help with online marketing. You can find out how your SEO company fares by looking for such blogs that recommend your firm. Read the comments section for more feedback.

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